The market’s most powerful suite of integrations.

Alcove partners with industry-leading tools and is the only carbon data management platform in market that offers over 20+ integrations with tools including Shopify, CRMs, accounting software, and registries.

Registry integrations.

Project Metadata Linking

Establish a connection to auto-fill critical registry progress  and contextualize project planning.

Automated Credit Issuances

Streamline and accelerate reporting to registries to fast-track verification and issuances for fulfillment.

Retirement and Transfer

Utilize one-click features to reduce hours of manual work into minutes and deliver results to key stakeholders.

Storefronts and distribution channels.

Incentive-aligned and tailor-made storefronts or distribution channels for your organization.

Digital Carbon Purchasing

Turn carbon removal purchases into a straightforward e-commerce experience.

Customizable Storefronts and Sales Channels

Increase carbon credit sales and diversify revenue streams with new buyers, enterprises and SMBs alike.

Marketplace For Buyers

Own your relationship with buyers without forfeiting money and data to a marketplace.

Workflow Automation

Power Shopify’s commerce workflows and automation with a taxonomy optimized for carbon.

Payment Processing

Streamline transactions, including forward purchases for forecasted inventory.

CRM integrations.

Buyer Dashboards

Accurately track buyer engagement and project participation through Alcove's analysis of CRM Data.

Deal Stage Tracking

Align deals and buyer opportunities with forecasted inventory never missing important deal or delivery milestones as you scale

Performance Reporting

Develop robust reports on sales strategies and deliver complete, contextualized data packages to key stakeholders.

Accounting integrations.

Multi-Stage Deals

Issue invoices reflecting complex, multi-stage deal structures and delivery timelines

Unique Payment Plans

Create unique payment plans through installments, deposits, or pre-payments

Automatic Fulfillment

Automate fulfillment of orders upon successful payment and  robust track buyer payment updates and invoices

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